About our community


Our Admin team is friendly, professional and actually know what they're doing. You won't be hanging when you join the server and ask for help, our staff is always there for you, 

Our Mission

After watching many servers both succeed and fail we've taken the time to look into the problems of each community and try our best to prevent them.


We update our script on a weekly basis, after taking everyone's feedback into consideration. Unique features, combined with custom mappings

Game Server

Since 2019, Mumbai Gaming is hosting a San Andreas Multiplayer international roleplay server with unique and creative gamemode

About our server

MG-RP is an open world roleplay server with one of the most unique and versatile SA-MP gamemode. With more than thousands of commands.


Our San Andreas Multiplayer game servers are located in France hosted at Ultra Hosting, so you don't have to worry about latency and lag issues. 

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Why Choose Us?

Unique Mapping

Our server is professionally mapped by a team of professional mappers to give a realistic and unique roleplay  experience to our players


You do not have to worry about your statistics since we also focus on our game servers database to avoid statistics losing problems

24/7 Support

Our administrators are always there for you, all you need is call them. If they are inactive in server then just give a call on our discord server and they will be there within few minutes

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